Contra Mundum Productions

My name is Josh Kinabrew.

In 2010 I was offered an internship in Hollywood, CA under one of the biggest filmmakers of our time. This was it. This was my way into the film industry. God asked me a question: “Josh, do you want more of me or more of yourself? Are you willing to give up your career for your pursuit of Me?”

Days after I said no to the internship, Contra Mundum Productions was born.

Contra Mundum┬áis Latin for “against the world.” It sums up what my life has been up to this point. I’ve never been one who flows with the current of society, so the title seems fitting.

Instead of going after the world’s pattern for creating art and films, I’m seeking after God’s pattern.

This company is an outflowing of a broken soul ready to do whatever the Master bids. At times I feel like a drummer boy playing the drum for the King – He deserves much better! Why He decides to use broken vessels to spread His fame is beyond me.